All 20 matches of the Wheelchair Rugby B Division Euros streamed live

Thomas Moylan and Raf Hendrix

The 2018 IWRF Wheelchair Rugby B Division European Championships kickstart in Pajulahti, Finland on Wednesday 10th of October with four matches. The pool stage will be played in three days and we have picked up some matches you don’t want to miss. All 20 matches of the B Division Euros will be streamed live via tournament website:

The times are in Finnish time (UTC+2h).

Wednesday 10th October

  • 10.00 Pool B, Austria–Netherlands
    • Netherlands won the C Division Euros in 2017 and seems to be the most powerful newcomer in B Division. Austria reached the semifinals of the B Division two years ago, but now they need to start brightly in order to repeat that as they meet a hungry Dutch team.
  • 12.30 Pool A, Switzerland–Italy
  • 15.30 Pool B, Finland–Czech Republic
  • 18.00 Pool A, Ireland–Russia
    • Ireland won the World Championship qualifying tournament on April and were the only team from B Division that featured in the Sydney World Championships on August. They are missing their best player Thomas Moylan, though, which might give Russia a chance for surprise.

Thursday 11th October

  • 10.00 Pool B, Czech Republic–Austria
    • Czech Republic finished third in the C Division Euros in 2017 but got promoted to the B Division after Belgium decided to withdraw from the tournament. The Czechs are playing with so called "middle point" players (1.5 and 2.0) and it will be interesting to see how it will go.
  • 12.30 Pool A, Italy–Ireland
  • 15.30 Pool B, Netherlands–Finland
    • Finland and Netherlands haven’t met each other in ages and it will be interesting to see how the match shapes up. The team that ends up on top of this encounter will be very near reaching the semifinals.
  • 18.00 Pool A, Russia–Switzerland

Friday 12th October

  • 10.00 Pool B, Czech Republic–Netherlands
  • 12.30 Pool A, Italy–Russia
    • If Ireland or Switzerland have stumbled during the first two days one of these teams might still have a chance to reach the semis.
  • 15.30 Pool B, Finland–Austria
    • Last time in B Division Euros in 2016 Finland was promoted to the A Division after finishing second behind Poland. Austria finished fourth and they will for sure be willing to do anything it takes to beat Finland and won a chance to finish higher this time.
  • 18.00 Pool A, Ireland–Switzerland
    • Switzerland beat A Division teams Poland and Germany on April in the World Championship qualification tournament and they are for sure one of the favourites to get promoted to the A Division from Pajulahti. Ireland is ranked higher than the Swiss in the World Ranking but will it be like that at the end of this tournament?

Saturday 13th October

  • 10.00 Placement match, places 5–8: A3–B4
  • 12.30 Placement match, places 5–8: B3–A4
  • 15.30 Semifinal, A1–B2
  • 18.00 Semifinal, B1–A2

Sunday 14th October

  • 09.30 Places 7–8: A3/B4–B3/A4
  • 12.00 Places 5–6: A3/B4–B3/A4
  • 14.30 Bronze match: A1/B2–B1/A2
  • 17.00 Gold match: A1/B2–B1/A2