Pajulahti, Finland to host the IWRF Wheelchair Rugby Division B Euros

Mauri Vironmäki, Raf Hendrix, Anna Pasanen

The IWRF Wheelchair Rugby Division B European Championship 2018 will be played in the Pajulahti Paralympic Training Center, Lahti, Finland on 7–15 of October. The match days will be 10–14 of October. All the matches will be played in the Ball Game Hall of the Pajulahti Main Building.

There will be eight countries taking part in the tournament, including the host country Finland. The other teams that have a spot for the tournament are Russia, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland and Italy. The top two teams of the tournament will be promoted to the Division A in 2019.

Finland have been travelling between divisions in recent years. They were relegated to the Division B in the 2015 European Championships in Pajulahti, then promoted back in 2016 just to get relegated again on 2017.